Middle School Performance Training

Grades: 6th-8th  

Ages: 11-14 

Speed and Agility


  • The "ABCs"of building movement efficiency. 

  • Agility, Balance and Control with an emphasis on sprint mechanics.



  • Low-level vertical and horizontal

  • Emphasis on deceleration landing and low-grade intensity with high volume.

Movement Mechanics:

  • Footwork circuits

  • Reactive agility

  • Competitive stations with movement patterns in all directions 

  • Deceleration

Strength Training

3-Week Training Blocks: 


Young Athletes before and during puberty need to be primarily using bands, weights they can manipulate well, and body weight with no axel loading (no bars on back or compression of spine).

Assigned volume (sets and reps along with tempo) will increase week to week within a given training block.

The volume changes are based on the reverse periodization model where we focus on shorter more intense training sessions over a period of time i.e 1 week.

All weight training sessions (bands and body weight training) are based on 3 factors:

  1. Rate of development

  2. Age 

  3. Sport(s) played.