High School Performance Training

Grades:  9th-12th

Ages: 15 -17 

Speed and Agility


  • Dynamic Warm-ups (CNS Activation with Joint and Muscle Prep)

  • Warm-ups are based off of training experience, sports played and overall athleticism.



  • Lateral, Horizontal and Vertical

  • Multiple levels of progression with emphasis on maximizing horizontal power/speed as it relates to all sports on the high school level.


Movement Mechanics: 

  • Lateral, Linear, and Multidirectional

  • Technical and complex drills (loaded and unloaded) with full speed application drills

  • Major emphasis on resisted and assisted movement patterns such as sprints and jumps.

Sport Specificity:

  • 2-3 Drills daily dedicated to the specific sport movement

Strength Training 

3-Week Training Blocks:

  • Exercise choices for each day are maintained for 3 weeks

  • Assigned volume (sets and reps along with tempo) will increase week to week within a given training block.

  • New exercises will be assigned each day for a new 3 week training block with different loading patterns.


Week 1

  • Learn proper muscle action while performing the appropriate exercise

  • Low- moderate volume (sets of 5 - 8 reps) low- moderate intensity

  • Learn proper tempo with isometric contractions to gain proper control of eccentric and concentric movements.


Week 2 

  • High volume (sets of 8 -15 reps) with moderate intensity

  • Higher tempos with longer reps, speed and time under tension per set

  • Short rest periods to stimulate muscle growth (hypertrophy)


Week 3 

  • This week consist of very high intensity and low volume (sets of 1 - 4 reps)

  • Explosive tempos with heavy weights or lighter weights with variable load (i.e squat jump with trap bar and bands)

  • Sports-Specific movements are relative on week 3

  • Speed and power sports will have a lot of variable resistance such as ( soccer, tennis, volleyball, golf, gymnastics, cheerleading, baseball and softball)

  • High contact sports athletes such as football, lacrosse, basketball and some baseball need to gain muscle mass. Athletes will have heavy loads that they can manipulate very well.